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Our Path Home
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Journey's End (Home As It Really Is)

By Daniel Yordy

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Home As It Really Is - Also Titled: Journey's End - Chapters:

1. Good News
There is no part of me that is not in Christ and there is no part of me that Christ is not in. To try to talk about myself as if I am somehow separate in any possible way from the person of the Lord Jesus Christ is to talk words that have no meaning, that make no sense. PDF Version

2. Is It Enough?
Is the life of Jesus inside of you enough for you right now? Or do you require something else? Do you require your own life besides? Or can you look at Jesus alive inside of you and know that He is the only life you are? Can Jesus be your present flesh? Or must you have a flesh that is not His? Can Jesus be your present weakness, your present stumbling, your present failures, or do you require your own weakness and stumbling and failure completely separate from Him? PDF Version

3. A Living Reality
When we look at the heart of God, His intention and purpose, all other things in the Bible fall into place. We must find the one verse that shows us the heart and purpose of God. What is He doing? What does He want out of this thing? PDF Version

4. An Account of My Life
I grew up in the Mennonite Church. My parents, however, saw themselves much more as Christians than as Mennonites, and so I had much exposure to a variety of Christian environments including the local Baptist Church. In the summer of my seventh year, I was sitting by myself on the back steps of our house. My heart was "strangely warmed" and by the remembrance of a recent VBS teaching, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. PDF Version

5. Faith Is Personal
It dawns on me that I walk in a garden of peace, with a delight of oneness with Jesus that I have never known before. The joy of knowing that an unending discovery of Jesus in me and me in Jesus lies before me. Jesus, as He is right now, lives His life in my life, as I am right here. And I? I am hid with Christ in God. PDF Version

6. God's Purpose
Not only are we created by God - born again - to be able to contain God, to be filled with His fullness, not only are we able to release God in a river of life that flows out of us to bring healing and wholeness to others, but we are also able to defeat everything that opposes God. PDF Version

7. The Required Context
The one thing we cannot do in heaven is manifest the life of Jesus in our mortal flesh. The key to God's purpose is the human body. How can the life of Jesus be revealed in our mortal flesh, if we don't have a dying body? God triumphs in our bodies right here on this earth. Our mortal human body is a wonderful gift from God. PDF Version

8. The Exchange
Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh back then. Theology can accept that. But faith says that He comes in the likeness of sinful flesh right now in me. The Word is made flesh. Jesus lives in me; I live in Him. Jesus has become me; I have become Him. PDF Version

9. Power and Authority
There is a simple solution to the problems of this world and it is in the belly of every believer whether they know it or not. That answer is the flowing of the river of life. The river of life inside us, as it flows out, as we believe, will touch people, heal them, meet their needs, and give them life. PDF Version

10. Between Two Ages
We are becoming what we already are. We become what we believe ourself to be. We see what we believe; we become what we see. PDF Version

11. Custom Made to Fit God
God created man with incredible capacity, but no ability whatever. God made man like a glove; He created man to contain Himself in the same way that a thin, flexible, fitted glove is made to contain a hand. When the hand moves, the glove moves. When the hand grips something, the glove grips the same thing. It is the joy and purpose of the glove to be filled with the hand. PDF Version

12. Incredible Power
God created man with incredible capacity, but no ability whatever. God made man like a glove; He created man to contain Himself in the same way that a thin, flexible, fitted glove is made to contain a hand. When the hand moves, the glove moves. When the hand grips something, the glove grips the same thing. It is the joy and purpose of the glove to be filled with the hand. PDF Version

13. All His Ways Are Perfect
"Father, all things You have ever taken me through are perfect. All Your ways regarding me are perfect beyond measure. Not one thing in my life should have been different, neither more nor less, but precisely everything I have ever needed You brought my way in such a way that it could not possibly have been better. Oh God, You are holy, in all Your ways concerning me, You are perfect. I have not missed nor lost one thing You intended for me." PDF Version

14. Total Victory
This is the contention, the battle. If God fulfills His word only in heaven, Satan has won and God is defeated. The word God speaks must be fulfilled in the place into which He speaks it. If God spoke a word into this earth and into this age of human folly, then that word must be fulfilled in this age and in this earth before it can return to the Father fulfilled. And in order to be fulfilled, it must find faith. PDF Version

15. The Goal of the Beleiver
God created man with enormous capacity, but no ability. God made our humanity weak. Everything else God created, He created it sufficient in itself, able to do what it is called to do by drawing on what is inside of it. God did not make man that way. God made man weak, with all the capacity to contain God, but none of the ability to fulfill our purpose. Our purpose is to be the expression of God, to make God visible, so that God might reach out and touch others through us. PDF Version

16. Enter His Rest
And so, on a regular basis, I must grab myself by the shirt collar and wrestle my own mind back into a place of certainty that Jesus is my life, I have no other life. Me, all that I am, in all of my sin and flesh and humanity, He carries utterly inside of Himself. And all that He is, He is right now living inside of me in all the messiness of my human person. There is nothing inside of me that is not Jesus. PDF Version

17. Back to the Garden
What should Eve's answer have been? It should have been: "I don't know what you're talking about; I'm already just like God." Eve was created in the image and likeness of God. She was already more like God than she, beholding His glory inside of her, could ever comprehend. Satan's offer, was pure, unadulterated nonsense. PDF Version

18. Error-Free Salvation
I know without question that I possess the full, correct, and error-free doctrine of Christian salvation. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, and He lives in my heart. PDF Version

19. Dealing with Deception
I am deceived. There are things that I believe about God, about myself, and about this world that are simply not true. But more than "not true," some of what I believe are a lie, of the enemy, and contrary to God. I do not know what those things are, nor how little or how much damage the untrue things I suppose are true are doing to my life, to my relationship with God, to my future, and to the people around me. PDF Version

20. Most Important Verses
Unless these MOST important verses in the Bible are filling our perspective of everything we think about God and every manner in which we interpret and apply all the other verses in the Bible, then we remain almost completely ignorant of the reality of God and what He is doing in the earth. PDF Version

21. Most Important NOT Verse
God's people imagine that they know what God says in the Bible. But they cannot see what God actually says, they cannot hear it, they cannot believe, because the most powerful word that God DOES NOT SAY sits on top of their hearts and minds and eviscerates, strips the guts out of, every single thing God does say, making it of no effect, useless, and not for us to know or to believe or to see fulfilled in our lives on this earth. PDF Version

22. Ultimate Redemption
Yes, I believe with all my heart that Jesus will win. That He will redeem the entire creation and restore it all back to the Father. And I believe that when God is finished with His great work, He will be all in all and there will not be one thing separate from Him. PDF Version