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Who Are We?

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in Who Are We? series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format at Our Path Home.

1. Living in Heaven and Earth
Who are we? What are we? What is our purpose? These questions have stirred the hearts of men for thousands of years. Every man and woman descended from Adam knows that life is not what it was meant to be. We grope in the darkness; things are not clear. This question that David asks here in Psalms 8 is echoed down through the centuries. What is man; why would God pay attention to him? PDF Version

2. The New Creation
But as wonderful as these things are, something much, much greater took place at the same moment. All those things are part of our salvation, they are all incredibly wonderful. But something much deeper happened. God lined up all the other things so that this primary thing could happen. In that moment, we were born again. This is impossible for us to understand. PDF Version

3. Walking in Favor
I walk in the favor of God. I expect His favor in all things. At whatever point my mind draws back from the expectation of His favor, I change my mind. I will stay with the truth. PDF Version

4. What Is Heaven
If you do a word study in the New Testament of the Greek word for heaven, "ouranos," writing out every verse with that word in it, seeking a definition from the context, you will not find any sort of a definition that would satisfy you, nor would you see anything that sounds like the Christian definition of "heaven." In fact, such a word study will leave you more not understanding what heaven is than we may have right now. So, if you are confused about heaven, you are much closer to a New Testament definition of heaven than those of your Christian friends who are convinced that they "see" it clearly. PDF Version

5. Be Like Your Father
A believer who is mature, according to the New Testament, is one out of whose belly flow rivers of living water, he is one who contains all the fullness of God, a mature believer is one who defeats the accuser of the brethren and casts him down out of the heavens. One who is mature walks just as Jesus walked, conformed to the measure of the stature of all the fullness of Christ. PDF Version

6. God Commands - Be Just Like God
Being like God is being kind to one another. Being like God in its centrality, in its essence, in its purity, is being tenderhearted. Forgiving one another, loving, giving ourselves for one another. There is no greater expression of the heart of God than these words. We are never more like God than when we are kind, when we are tenderhearted, especially when it is not deserved, when it is a response to those who have treated us unkindly. PDF Version

7. Facing the Storm
What God is doing is the dawning of the age to come in our lives right now. The coming of the Lord is not a 'lightning flash' that happens on one certain future day, but as the rise of the Daystar in our hearts. But it is the dawning of the new day that causes the present age to lash back with its dying gasps. PDF Version

8. The Presence of God
But the very same Holy One who came upon the Mountain in consuming fire and clouds of darkness so that those people back then were terrified and could not stand before God - that same Holy One fills me, my body, my soul, my mind, my strength, my spirit, every part of my humanity, every part of who and what I am, He fills me with a glory and a fire that so far exceeds what they were capable of seeing back then. PDF Version

9. Victory in the Body
The Spirit of God lives in our bodies, and He is working with the power that raised Jesus from the dead. The Holy Spirit, right now this moment, is working in our body to bring the very life of God into our our dying body. PDF Version

10. Do Not Cover Your Glory
These bodies carry inside of them a treasure of glory beyond what we can imagine. God wants that glory to shine its way through this earthen vessel. PDF Version

11. Christ in the Storm
And so I find myself at the present moment, talons gripping a tree limb, high above the ground below. One eye is on the coming storm, one eye is on the swirling heavens above. A fierce joy grips my heart, "This is my time; for this moment, I was created." At the right moment - which moment is now - I take the fierce winds of God's Spirit high into the heavens, riding above the storm. PDF Version

12. Perfection Requires Weakness
It is astonishing that our physical body is still subject to death. The fact that a Christian dies physically and his body goes into the grave is something hard to believe, because it is not the intent or expectation of the gospel. We presently possess eternal life from God, that means immortality and all the perfection of Christ. The expectation of the gospel is that we live and not die. PDF Version

13. The Redemption of the Body
Is there a groaning inside of you, dear believer? Is there a deep, unending longing for something you know you don't have? You may not realize it, but what you want is the redemption of your body. All the things you long for, all the questions of life, everything you desire, is found in this one experience, the redemption of the body. PDF Version

14. The Cauldron of the Resurrection I
God demands proof of Himself in the earth. We are His proof. PDF Version

15. The Cauldron of the Resurrection II
Why, then, did God make man different? Why are we the union of God's Spirit and dirt? Was dirt evil in the day that God created it? Quite the contrary, the only evil upon the earth was the evil found in the heavenly creatures, spirit beings, one of whom materialized into a physical form. In fact, the extraordinary thing is that in the day that Adam was created, evil was found in heaven only, in the realm of spirit only, there was no evil on the physical side of the creation. PDF Version

16. Rest Versus Passivity
And I must bring myself back into the utter REST that we must walk in, that every part of me, especially my mistakes, Jesus carries utterly inside of Himself. And right now, He is living in every part of the human me. And in that certainty, I find gladness, joy unspeakable, and the sweet love relationship with my Savior that alone will carry us through. PDF Version

17. Weakness Versus Pretending
Dear believer. If I could but convince you. Failure is your only option. Only when you are weak can you ever be strong. PDF Version

18. Thy People Shall Be Willing
You're reading this and you think, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." Reach up your expectation of faith. Let want it. PDF Version