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The Great Story
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The Great Story of God

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in The Great Story of God series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format of Our Path Home.

1. Unquenchable Desire
At the age of twenty, I headed north into the Canadian wilderness, filled with an unquenchable desire to know the living God.I also longed for adventure and romance far beyond what my 70's teenage years had offered. I did not know that the cry of my spirit to know God and the desire of my heart for adventure and romance were two fingers of the same hand. God Himself lured me into the wilderness. ~ PDF Version

2. The Grace That Is to Come
Grace is the normal state of being the image of God. Grace is the central dynamic of the revelation of God. Grace is the ability to be the dwelling place of Almighty God. Grace is the capacity to contain all the fullness of God; grace is the ability to release Him in a river of life that heals all things; grace is the power to bring all things into submission under His feet. ~ PDF Version

3. A Parable
This great king honored his own word above everything. When he spoke, he considered the thing he said to be more important than himself. The king also had a son.  The king’s son sat on a throne next to his father, agreeing with his father in everything.  The son of the king kept and fulfilled every word his father spoke. Therefore, in the great king’s eyes, his word and his son were the same thing. ~ PDF Version

4. Desire and Thirst
Jesus wants His bride with a wanting that is not possible for us to imagine. ~ PDF Version

5. The Formation of Desire
Here is the story of my life, particularly my life in Christian community. Why I am writing this I hope to discover. The charge given to every writer is: "Write what you know." I do know something of my own life; I can write about from the heart. I simply share what I felt, what I thought, what I experienced. Christ is made personal through me. ~ PDF Version

6. The Power of Story
It is not possible to understand what God is doing in us or in the earth apart from story. Story alone opens up the heart, which is at the center of the revelation of God. That's why the Bible, in contrast to all religious or philosophical books, is so filled with and woven around story, the human story. ~ PDF Version

7. God on Trial
God Himself has placed the integrity of His own Word - His Son - on trial before the universe. It is God who has done this, and the trial of His Word is central to who He is. ~ PDF Version

8. Into the North
After a bit I heard a bell ringing; it was time for supper. This time the Tabernacle was filled with people! One hundred and fifty people sat down around those rough tables to share their supper meal together. What a sight! There were large numbers of children, adults of all ages, families and singles. They talked and laughed happily, joy and peace shining on all the faces. I was enthralled. ~ PDF Version

9. Back to Graham River Farm
I loved Christian community. Soon after my return one of the ladies, Janet Booth, told me with a smile, "I knew you would be back." I loved the shared meals in the Tabernacle with all the hubbub of people visiting with one another. I loved the services, upon which was an anointing of the Holy Spirit I had not known before, or since I have left community. There was an earnestness and devotion in worship and in the word that these people had that most once-a-week Christians never know. I loved the simple hearty meals cooked on wood cook stoves. I loved working with the men on all the types of tasks I had read about in Farmer Boy when I was younger. And I loved seeing others whom I knew and loved benefit personally from the work of my hands. ~ PDF Version

10. Adam's Fatal Flaw
Adam had a job to do, a task that was huge and seemingly insurmountable. He had been given a commission by God to accomplish God's purposes through him in the earth. How could Adam fulfill the great responsibility that God had laid upon his shoulders? Adam was created with a fatal flaw. Adam had no idea what he should do and no ability whatsoever to do it, even if he knew. God had created Adam weak. ~ PDF Version

11. David's Entwined Heart
To wait upon the Lord is to be entwined together with God, not just in person, but in all that we say and do. Not by our effort to please Him, but by the confident expectation that He fills us with His favor at all times. ~ PDF Version

12. The Loneliest Man
It is impossible to understand the revelation of Jesus Christ, or the ministry of the second witness of Christ, or the great story of God, or what God is doing in the earth today, without grappling with and comprehending Jeremiah. And when I say "Jeremiah," I am not speaking necessarily of the words he spoke to an Old Covenant people who did not know God. I am speaking of the story of his life, which prefigures Christ and which prefigures Christ in us. ~ PDF Version

13. Christ Planted in Death
On June 5, AD 29, the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen Savior, the glorious and triumphant King of heaven, became a mess. On June 5, the Day of Pentecost, the day the church was birthed out of His side, Jesus entered into the earth and was planted in death as a seed. Jesus became you, and Jesus became me. ~ PDF Version

14. Except You Eat My Flesh
Paul, here, in verse 30, says the most extraordinary and unbelievable thing in all Scripture. He says that the reason that God loves me, the reason God cherishes and nourishes me is because I am God's flesh. Is this not what God is speaking in verse 30? I am God's flesh. My flesh is His flesh. My flesh is the flesh of God. ~ PDF Version

15. A Time of Pruning
Through all of these emotionally devastating blows, the Lord was working to open me up, a process that would take many years. Another vision received for me during this time showed me as a large rock with gold deep on the inside. It took great hammering and much work, but slowly cracks appeared in this rock that was so effectively hiding the gold. ~ PDF Version

16. Can Truth Be Found in Weakness?
Can truth come through weakness? Can grace be found in failure? Can love proceed out of one who is unable to connect with people in a social or political way? Can you find the King of the universe in a cow trough? We must be careful on how we make those decisions when we look at other people. ~ PDF Version

17. Christ Is Always Personal
Christ is always personal; if it's not personal, it cannot, really, be the sharing of Christ. And the same is true with what I share. Christ may speak personally to you through one thing I say, but other things I share do nothing for you. That's as it is. Christ is personal to you, not some ideas I happen to write down. ~ PDF Version

18. The New Commandments
1. Abide in Me and I in you.
2. Speak what God says you are.
3. Ask, believing that you have already received.
4. Give thanks for all things.
5. Love one another.
6. Give.
7. Watch out; take heed; beware.
8. Cleanse yourself from all filthiness of flesh and spirit.
9. Do not love the world.
10. Be just like God.
~ PDF Version

19. Put on the New Man
There are two ways in which we can obey this commandment of the Spirit through the Apostle Paul. The first way is how you and I approach it, convinced with all confidence and joy that Christ is our life, reaffirming in our own minds and hearts each day the incredible reality that His glorious presence sits enthroned within us at all times, that we are enveloped in all ways by Almighty God, and that He moves through us as a mighty river of life whether we "feel" it or not. ~ PDF Version for

20. The Setting of the Story
In the spiritual realms, the words that we speak are force. They cause things to happen. All of our words. And thoughts are the same as words. The spirit of our mind is as powerful as the tongue. When you or I say or think things that are contrary to what God says, we cut God out of our lives in that area. We limit God as far as we are concerned. We cannot prevent God from doing what He says, but we can keep ourselves out of it in the present age. ~ PDF Version

21. Do Not Love the World
By seeking a self-identity, mankind lost its only true identity. The result is a powerful urge inside of everyone to seek an identity from some source. There are two choices only for every individual born of Adam from which to draw an identity - Christ or the world. We draw our identity from Christ only through full acceptance of the finality of the cross and our personal union with Jesus. But all non-Christians draw their identity entirely from the world. And most Christians do the same. ~ PDF Version

22. Side by Side
Jesus wants to marry a woman who sits by His side on a “garden bench,” who is equal to Him in heart and mind, who walks through the difficult places together with Him, leaning upon His shoulder, who knows that her union with Him is because she loves Him and He loves her. Jesus will marry only a woman who knows Him in the deepest and most intimate of friendships. Jesus will marry only a woman who knows that He has conformed Himself to her, that He loves what she loves, enjoys what she enjoys. ~ PDF Version

23. God Requires a Second Witness
Now most of Christianity insists that this word is not Christ come again in us. They insist that it is not God's will for this word to be fulfilled in those of us upon this earth who hear it. They insist that it is not God's will that His will be done in this earth in the same way it is done in heaven. This accusation is part of the spirit of anti-Christ. ~ PDF Version

24. Be Just Like God
We cannot escape the simple reality that it is God who says it the way He says it. He says, "Love, just as I love; be perfect, just as I am perfect." The greatest commandment of the Bible is this: "Be just like Me." ~ PDF Version

25. Ask
Let's obey Jesus and ask. In fact - let's not be timid; let's shoot for some big ones. We'll try just two for now to get warmed up, but we won't stop with two. We ask all that God speaks and in asking we believe that we have already received what we ask for. ~ PDF Version

26. Riding with God on the Cherubs of Heaven
I am inside the God who rides upon the cherubs, and He is inside of me. And oh, there is a ride just before us. ~ PDF Version

27. The Plumb Line
To claim that these "two witnesses," these two olive trees and lamp stands through whom the anointing from the throne of God moves, are separate and external from ourselves is to deny the life and the power of the Holy One who sits enthroned upon our hearts. My God, do we not see Him? He is exalted above all the heavens and He is the only life we have. ~ PDF Version

28. The Capstone
The capstone, the goal of the gospel, the whole point of salvation, the thing we groan for with groanings too deep to be uttered, the goal we forsake everything to pursue, to seize hold of, is THREE facets all found in ONE experience. The first facet is you and I being conformed fully to all the fullness of Christ revealed for all to see. ~ PDF Version

29. The Great Story of God
But God, in His infinite wisdom, has determined that to have the kind of sons that He must have requires two things. God's purpose requires an enemy that challenges the Word that He speaks and it requires a journey from darkness to light, a passage through limitation and sorrow and loss, finding ultimate faith in the power and love of an invisible God. Thus we call it "story." ~ PDF Version

30. Cutting the Covenant
Throughout our lives, we pass through the cutting open of everything that we are. It feels to us that everything inside is exposed, all our "secrets," nothing is hidden any more. We feel utterly cut apart in a shadow of darkness. Yet through those times, as we look back upon them, we see God, very clearly, walking between the pieces of our broken hearts. ~ PDF Version

31. Contending with the Oath of God
I will not let You go until You bless me.

Contend with God concerning His oath. He swore against Himself in a binding oath that He would fulfill all that He speaks in us in this life in this age on this earth. His Word cannot return to Him until it has accomplished all the purpose for which it was sent. Contend with Him concerning His oath. Seize hold of Him and do not let Him go. ~ PDF Version