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A list of all articles on this site in alphabetical order.


The Jesus Secret: Who I Am

Would you become like Jesus if you could?

The goal of the believer is to become like Jesus. Learn how speaking what God speaks will transform you into the image of Christ. Do not delay, we have just enough time.

Earlier Christ Our Life Letters
by Daniel Yordy - Winter 2008-2009

Other Christ Our Life Letters

Rambling Thoughts - September 12, 2010

Put off the Old Man - Put on the New
We obey His command with all joy and confidence!

Led in Triumph - Always

The Grace that Is to Come
The Curse and Its Removal
(Parts 1-2)
The Curse and Its Removal (Part 3)

Speaking Christ
Rest vs. Passivity - Weakness vs. Pretending
The Absolute Profundity of the Blood, Cross, and Resurrection of Christ

Times of Refreshing Newsletters

A series of letters focusing on the fulfillment in our day of the Feast of Tabernacles. Written in 2004 - 2006

Studies on Understanding Truth and the Bible

What I Believe
Understanding the Bible
How To Deal With Deception
On Deception and Truth
More on Understanding God Speaking to Us

The Ten Commandments of the New Testament
Watch Out!
The Correct and Error-Free Doctrine of Salvation
The Most Important Verses in the Bible
The Most Important Verse NOT in the Bible

The Purpose of God (PDF)
A Corrected Diagram of Spirit-Soul-Body

What Is Heaven? Heaven, "ouranos," is the most confusing term in the Bible. What is it?
The Ages to Come No first-century Christian ever thought the word "eternal."
Concerning the Resurrection What body shall we have?
The Cauldron of the Resurrection

The Pneuma in the Kardia

Four Important Word Studies (all in PDF)
Ouranos and Ge in the New Testament

Pneuma and Zoe in the New Testament
Sarx and Soma in the New Testament

Nous, Dioanoia, Psuche, and Kardia in the New Testament

Articles Dealing with Current Events

A Word of the Lord to the People of America by Daniel Yordy PDF Version
God's Promise to the Natural Jew American Christians are preparing to murder millions of people and to be destroyed in their turn entirely over the question of who is a Jew. I think we ought to know why we will be killing and dying!
Who Is a Jew? by Rita Robinson
Why 9/11 Matters by Daniel Yordy PDF Version (For printing & distribution.)
To Be Angry Is Easy (PDF Version)

The Identity of the Beast and the False Prophet Revealed
Where, Oh Where, Is Antichrist?